Features Of Motor Surveyor Portal

The software completely eliminates all the paperwork.

Motor Survey Portal is fully automated software to manage survey details, claim assessment and labor processing.

Survey Portal support generation of survey reports for multiple type of survey.

Survey report generated based on assessment and valuation details.

  • Valuation particular consists of party details.
  • Policy insurance details.
  • Assessment and Labor Hrs.
  • For the vehicle repairs to be carried out Accidental vehicle pictures can be uploaded to system with defined label.
  • Easy access of photo and download option.
  • The same can be transferred to other internal systems if required.

User friendly search option available to see the history of report version.

Addition parts required can be added by Garage and same transferred to surveyor for approval while vehicle is under repair.

It help to evaluating the vehicle parts with detailed history of model with parts price etc.

Managing and accessing survey details in finger tips - Use vehicle number to search the old reports and related accidents.

Old survey reports, valuation details can be easily archived and accessible anytime.

Graphical reports for analytical purpose.

Add-on feature available to connect the dealers for request and submit spare parts quotation online.

In overall benefits of the software to increase the performance of the claims process, reduce the cost of each claims and claim ratio of the company to increase the profitability.

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